Frequently Asked Questions About Home Fire Safety in Colorado

Our Koala Exteriors contractors will work with you to find the best fire-resistant solution for your home, your budget, and your safety. If you’d like to learn more, be sure to read our tips on how to fireproof the inside of your home and fireproof the outside of your home.

Regular Maintenance for Home Fire Safety in Colorado

What exactly does fire-resistant material look like for each exterior feature of your home? And what can you do to protect your home from fires outside of having a siding replacement or new windows installed? These are excellent questions, and we’re happy to walk you through the process and the pros and cons of each option we offer for fire resistance. We’ll take a look at your choices for fire-resistant materials and help you understand how you can protect your home’s exterior with regular maintenance, repairs, replacements, and new installations.

Fire-Resistant Materials for your home

The best fire-resistant materials can withstand the heat of a fire without combusting or melting. Consider materials like concrete, stone, or steel if you’re looking into a deck installation. Roof installations are available in various metal materials, as are siding installations and replacements. And for new window installations there are different types of glass that can also provide fire resistance. Double-paned, triple-paned, and tempered glass all offer a level of protection against fires.

cleaning gutters

As a homeowner, it’s essential to keep up on maintenance around your home. This will help maintain its good condition, improve its resale value, and protect it from potential hazards. Cleaning your gutters is essential for all of these reasons and for fire safety in Colorado. While leaf guards may protect your gutters from becoming clogged with debris, you still need to clean the leaves, twigs, and other debris off of your leaf guards and out of your gutters. If left alone, the leaves and debris can dry out and ignite quickly in the event of a fire.

Protective, Sealed Windows

Another way you can protect your home from wildfire threats is to ensure that your windows are installed with protective glass and sealed correctly. Different types of glass offer different levels of protection against fire. Double-paned, triple-paned, and tempered glass have higher fire resistance and are less likely to crack or break due to the heat of a fire. While it’s ideal to hire a window contractor for any window repairs, window replacements, or new window installations, there are ways that you can maintain your windows so that they continue to protect your family against the elements and provide fire safety in Colorado. It would be best to regularly inspect your windows for damage to caulk, which happens as a part of general wear and tear over time. If you have cracked caulk, the old caulk needs to be removed, and the window needs to be re-caulked to seal it again.


A soffit is the underside material on the edge of your roof and eaves where they overhang the walls of your home. Soffits may be easy to overlook, but it is essential to pick suitable material to protect the roof and the retaining wall. Materials like aluminum are a great fire-resistant option for soffits, and materials finished with a fire-resistant coating, like vinyl and wood, can also offer more protection for your home’s exterior in the event of a fire. When you perform your spring and fall cleaning, make sure to wash dirt and debris from this underside feature of your roof. Keeping the soffits clean and in good condition will help protect your home’s exterior walls and roof.


The fascia on your home is the material that attaches the soffits to the roof and where gutters and leaf guards are installed. Like soffits, fascia is an easy exterior element to overlook in your home, but choosing a fire-resistant material is equally important. Since this feature directly connects to your gutters and roof, you should take special care to clean it off while you’re cleaning out your gutters or washing off the soffits. Cleaning the exterior of your home is also an excellent opportunity to inspect it for any damage that could allow a fire to penetrate and damage the structure underneath.


When it comes to your roof, there are a variety of materials available that not only fit your budget and add beauty to your home but also offer a significant amount of fire resistance in the event of an emergency. Like decks, metal and stone are popular options for roof panels or tiles that provide a high level of home fire safety. Asphalt shingles are also an affordable, fire-resistant option. Wood shingles and shakes are the least flame-resistant but may be coated with a protective layer to prevent them from burning or catching fire as quickly. With any area of your home, regular inspection and maintenance is key to keeping your roof in the best possible condition. Not only can this extend the lifespan of your roof, but you’ll notice issues before they become serious problems, such as missing shingles or damaged panels that make your home more susceptible to fire damage.


If you’re looking into siding repairs or siding replacement, talk to your Koala Exteriors contractor about the options to increase your home fire safety. It could be as simple as applying a coating of fire-resistant material over your current siding installation. If your siding is old and significantly damaged, it might be worth the investment to upgrade to a siding material with greater fire resistance. How do you know if you need siding repairs or a siding replacement? Just like your roof, you should be regularly inspecting and cleaning the siding of your home. Cleaning eliminates debris that could combust easily in the event of a fire, and you may be able to identify issues that could lead to further damage if there’s an uncontrolled fire around your home.

Koala Exteriors Believes in Home Fire Safety in Colorado

We’re no strangers to fire in Colorado. At Koala Exteriors, we know how devastating a fire can be to your home and we work hard to give you the maximum level of protection with our exterior services. Our team educates you on all the possible fire hazards around your home and evaluates your home for areas to add fire-resistant materials.

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