Tips For Fire Safety Outside Your Home

Outside of regular maintenance and having well-developed fire safety practices, you can also take extra measures to protect your home by investing in fire-resistant materials. These are especially helpful on the exterior of your home to prevent wildfires, bushfires, or other uncontrolled flames from penetrating and damaging the interior of your home. While not everyone finds it necessary, or even feasible, to fireproof every part of their home, adding at least one or two of these installations could make all the difference in protecting your home, your belongings, and your family.

Once you have a solid plan for protecting the interior of your home, trust Koala Exteriors to help you fireproof your home outside. As licensed exterior contractors, we simplify the fireproofing process by providing a single point of contact to ensure that your siding, windows, roof, and decks are protected from smoke and fire damage.

We Offer Fire-Resistant Home Exterior Options Like:

  • Class A fire-resistant siding replacement.
  • Fire resistance solutions for the eaves, soffits, and fascia around your roof.
  • Class A fire-resistant roofing installation
    Protective, sealed window installations to prevent fires from entering your home.
  • Protective coatings for deck installations and fire-resistant deck installation materials.

Fire Resistant Glass

The technology for manufacturing window glass has improved exponentially over the years. Window panes are now more temperature-resistant, weather-resistant, and fire-resistant than ever before. You have a variety of options for your window panes that will fit into your budget, give the exterior of your home a look you’ll love, and offer a dependable level of protection against fire and the elements. There are two options for window installations that offer the highest level of fire protection. Tempered glass is heat-treated to withstand higher temperatures than any other type of manufactured glass. However, multi-paned, fire-resistant glass offers the highest level of fire resistance because of its additional layers of material. Another way to fireproof your home around the windows is to install steel frames on the exterior so no flames can get through.

Protect Exterior Walls

Vinyl siding and wood siding have the lowest fire resistance, but some coatings may help protect it longer. If you’re looking for a more robust material that offers natural protection against fire and heat damage, choose manufactured materials that are stone or metal. Concrete siding, stone installations, stucco, and brick are also all high-quality materials that protect your home from fire. Though metal offers the highest fire resistance. We offer a variety of aluminum siding options that not only add a beautiful and modern touch to your home but will also protect it in the event of a fire.

Non-Combustible Roofing

If you live where wildfires occur, one of the most important things you can do for your home is to invest in a non-combustible material during installation or roof replacement. While a roof installation isn’t a cheap investment — nor are fire-resistant materials — it would be more expensive to have to rebuild your entire home because a fire spread quickly over the top of your roof and destroyed the structural integrity of your property. The best roofing materials to fireproof your home are stone, concrete, and metal. A popular stone material for roof installations is slate tile, which is sturdy and will not melt. Concrete and clay tiles are other options for non-combustible materials. Keep in mind that stone, concrete, and clay can be heavy, so it’s important to know whether your home can support the weight of these roofing materials. Metal roofing is available in various types, panel styles, and colors and is a much lighter weight than stone or concrete. It can also absorb incredible amounts of heat before melting. At Koala Exteriors, we offer a variety of materials for your next roof replacement or new roof installation to protect your home in the event of a fire.

Protect Your Deck

Your deck is the perfect place to enjoy the fantastic weather of Colorado. But it can be vulnerable to fire without the right precautions. A wood deck is visually appealing but won’t stand up against a wildfire unless it’s treated with a fire-retardant coating to protect it. Your best options for a fire-resistant deck are concrete, stone, or metal. We can help design and install a beautiful deck that also protects your home from the spread of fires.

Spark Arrestors

If you have a fireplace, a spark arrestor is a screen of fine mesh installed on top of your chimney. Though it won’t necessarily protect your home from wildfires, it will protect you from sparks from your fireplace as they travel up and exit the chimney. This screen works by catching sparks and flammable debris from your fireplace, so it doesn’t land on your roof and start a fire. It also prevents ash and debris from wildfires from entering your home through your chimney.

Invest in Fire-Resistant Materials and Coatings

We work with you to find fire-resistant materials that fit into your budget, match the style of your home or redesign you want and offer a level of protection against fire damage that no other company can provide. Reach out today to learn more about the exterior options we offer to help fireproof your home.

the 30-Foot Rule

On top of trimming tree branches that stretch within 30 feet of your home, it’s advised to keep other combustible materials at least 30 feet away as well. This includes propane tanks, paint thinners, and other volatile chemicals. These materials should be protected from the elements — like within a storage shed — they should not be stored close to your home. If they ignite, the flames will be significantly hotter and more damaging than if it were just debris catching on fire.

Choose Koala Exteriors for All Your Fireproofing Needs

Don’t risk yourself or your home to fire. Contact Koala Exteriors for extensive exterior fireproofing. We’ll educate you on all the best ways to fireproof your home and perform a detailed evaluation to ensure there are no gaps in your fire protection. Our exterior services will inspire you to fall in love with your home again and our fireproofing options will help safeguard it.



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