Horizontal vs. Vertical Siding in Denver – Choosing a Direction for Your Home

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Are you planning to install new siding but don’t know which direction to go with — literally? The decision between horizontal and vertical siding can be a challenging one, as each type has its own unique benefits. When it comes to siding in Denver, the orientation of the panels can make a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Both horizontal and vertical siding have their pros and cons, and it’s essential to weigh them carefully before making a decision.

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between horizontal and vertical siding, to help you choose the best direction for your home’s exterior.

Horizontal Siding

Horizontal siding is a traditional choice that has been around for a long time. It’s most often seen on ranch-style homes and cottages, but it can lend a classical look to just about any kind of home.

One advantage of horizontal siding is that it’s easier to install than vertical siding. This means your siding project could take less time, and possibly less money when you work with a knowledgeable siding installer in Denver.

However, horizontal siding can be more prone to water damage and mold growth if not properly installed and sealed. It can also underperform when it comes to shedding rain and snow, making it a less ideal choice for areas with tougher climates.

Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is a newer and more modern option that’s becoming increasingly popular. It’s commonly found on contemporary and modern-style homes. This type of siding runs perpendicular to the ground and creates a more structured, vertical look. If you have a taller, narrower home, vertical siding can help make it appear more proportional.

A primary advantage of vertical siding is that it’s better at shedding rain and snow, making it a great choice for areas with harsh weather like Denver. It can also be more resistant to water damage and mold growth because it allows for better drainage.

While vertical siding comes with many pros, it’s still a fresher look that some might not be as eager to embrace. This means your home value may potentially be more affected with vertical siding than with a horizontal direction.

Choosing the Right Direction

Ultimately, the decision between horizontal and vertical siding will come down to personal preference, style of home, and location. In Denver, where the elements can be severe, vertical siding may be a better option due to its superior ability to shed water and snow. However, if you have a wider home or prefer a more traditional look, horizontal siding could be a better fit. 

When selecting the direction of your home’s siding, it’s important to consider factors such as maintenance, durability, cost, and style. Consulting with professional siding installers in Denver can also help you make the best decision for your home’s unique needs and budget. 

Don't Get Turned Around Deciding the Best Direction for Your Siding in Denver

Choosing between horizontal and vertical siding for your Denver home is a big decision, but understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each can help you make an informed choice. Whether you go with traditional horizontal siding or modern vertical siding, investing in quality materials and professional installation is key. 

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