James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Is It Right for Your Colorado Home?

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding: Is It Right for Your Colorado Home?

What is James Hardie fiber cement siding?  

James Hardie is a pioneer in the fiber cement siding industry. In the 1980s, the company began developing asbestos-free fiber cement siding. Since then, they have come a long way in perfecting fiber cement technology and making it one of the most trusted materials for home exteriors. James Hardie is still a leading manufacturer, and their siding products can be found on over 10 million homes in North America.   

Not only do James Hardie fiber cement products look great and enhance curb appeal on your Colorado home, but they also have excellent performance ratings. Nothing beats James Hardie fiber cement in moisture resistance, durability, fire protection, insusceptibility to insects, and its ability to withstand the weather. With over $20 million spent on research and development each year, we can expect the best from James Hardie products.  

While fiber cement siding from James Hardie is more expensive than average vinyl siding, it will last much longer. The company’s 30-year product warranty has stood the test of time. If installed properly, the siding products will last much longer than vinyl which means you will save the money and hassle of replacing vinyl siding again.  

James Hardie fiber cement siding is also available in a wide range of styles to meet the needs of your Colorado home. Whether you have a modern loft in Denver, a bungalow near Wash Park, or a ranch-style home in Golden, James Hardie has a beautiful line of siding products.   

Choose from design styles like shingle, lap, vertical siding, or architectural panels. James Hardie has also partnered with Magnolia Home so you can have perfect exteriors like those from Chip and Joanna Gaines on the popular Fixer Upper TV show.  

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding: Is It Right for Your Colorado Home?

Why choose James Hardie over other fiber cement siding brands?  

James Hardie pioneered fiber cement siding in the 1980s. It was their idea, and they have heavily invested in making their products the best they can be. The company also specializes in fiber cement products. Rather than diversifying into other materials, like vinyl or engineered wood siding, they focus solely on fiber cement materials. This means all of their research funds funnel into developing their fiber cement products and making them better than their competitors.  

And, quite frankly, you can’t beat the warranties.   

Their siding products come with 30-year, non-prorated warranties. Most other companies offer only prorated warranties. A prorated warranty diminishes in value over time. With a prorated warranty, if the product fails before the end of the warranty, it will be repaired or replaced, but the amount covered is related to the age of the item and the cost at the time of failure. You may still have to pay something.   

James Hardie’s non-prorated warranty is different. They cover the complete cost of the material if the product fails during the life of the warranty.  

Is James Hardie right for my Colorado home?  

With Colorado’s frequent hail and harsh winter weather, few materials are better suited to the climate than James Hardie fiber cement. The durable siding materials stand up to hail and ice better than any vinyl siding on the market. It is also low maintenance, so you can spend less time on your home’s exterior and more time enjoying the gorgeous state of Colorado.  

James Hardie materials are regionally sourced and climate-engineered. Their fiber cement products are specifically designed for the climate where you live. For Colorado homeowners, Hardie™ Zone 5 materials withstand extreme seasonal temperature variations and year-round precipitation. The product design helps prevent mold growth, swelling, and cracking.  

Cement board siding from James Hardie is perfect for your Colorado home because it will:  

  • Provide a 30-year product warranty and a 15-year trim warranty  
  • Withstand Colorado snow and hail better than vinyl siding  
  • Enhance curb appeal and make your home more attractive  
  • Raise your home’s value, especially if you want to sell your home  

Finding an expert James Hardie siding contractor near me  

Koala Exteriors provides Colorado homeowners throughout Denver and surrounding areas with top-notch siding installation. Whether you live in Golden, Denver, or Wash Park neighborhoods, we are the James Hardie expert siding contractors to call. Our team of siding installers will help take your home exterior from average or outdated to stunning. Call 1-303-502-9097 today to schedule a FREE estimate and talk to one of our pros about James Hardie fiber cement siding.