What To Do After a Disaster

Storm Damage Restoration in Denver with Koala Exteriors

What To Do After a Disaster: Storm Damage Restoration in Denver with Koala Exteriors

Living in Denver means experiencing a variety of weather conditions that can sometimes be severe. Hailstorms, high winds, and heavy moisture are all common occurrences that can inflict serious damage on your home’s exterior. When disaster strikes, the repairs and storm damage restorations required can be extensive and costly. That’s why it’s crucial to take specific steps to ensure that you file a claim correctly and get the compensation you need to make necessary repairs. Koala Exteriors is here to guide you through the storm damage restoration process, ensuring your home is restored to its former glory.

Steps to Take After Disaster Strikes

When your home suffers storm damage, immediate action is essential to minimize further damage and begin the restoration process. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Document the Damage

As soon as it is safe to do so, document all visible damage. Take clear, detailed photos of every affected area. This includes roof damage, broken windows, damaged siding, and any other impacted parts of your home. Pro tip: Include “before” photos to properly showcase the extent of the damage. If you don’t have recent photos, get into the habit of photographing your property each year to have up-to-date documentation of your building’s condition.

2. Temporary Protection

To prevent further damage, cover any exposed areas with a tarp or other temporary protection. This step is crucial to safeguard your home from additional weather-related damage while you await permanent repairs.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible to start the claims process. Provide them with the photos and detailed descriptions of the damage. Be sure to submit a list of items or features that have been damaged or destroyed. Follow their requested steps meticulously to ensure your claim is processed smoothly.

What To Do After a Disaster: Storm Damage Restoration in Denver with Koala Exteriors

4. Schedule an Inspection

Your insurance company will likely send an adjuster to inspect the damage. Schedule this inspection promptly and ensure you are present during the assessment to address any concerns or questions. Koala Exteriors may be able to provide one of our representatives to meet you and your insurance adjuster to review and discuss damage. Please contact us before you schedule the adjuster if you are interested in this option.

5. Obtain Repair Estimates

Get an estimate on the cost of repairs or replacements from a reputable storm damage restoration company like Koala Exteriors. This estimate will be crucial for your insurance claim, ensuring that you receive the appropriate amount of coverage for the necessary work.

6. Schedule Your Restoration Services

Once you have your claim approved and funds allocated, schedule your storm damage restoration services. At Koala Exteriors, we offer comprehensive exterior restoration services in Denver, from roof repairs to siding replacements, ensuring your home is fully restored.

Types of Storm Damage Restoration We Offer

When your home has sustained damage from a natural disaster or severe storm, it’s essential to know whom you can turn to for reliable repairs. At Koala Exteriors, we specialize in various types of storm damage restoration, including:

  • Hail Damage: Denver is no stranger to hailstorms, and hail can wreak havoc on roofs, siding, and windows.
  • Moisture Damage: Heavy rains and leaks can cause significant water damage to your home’s exterior including roof decking, windows, trim, siding, and more..
  • Wind Damage: High winds can tear off shingles, break windows, and cause trees or debris to damage your property.
  • Fire Damage: Wildfires and lightning strikes can lead to severe fire damage, requiring extensive repairs.
  • Tree Damage: Falling trees or branches during storms can cause structural damage to your home.

We can work directly with your insurance company to ensure that all necessary repairs are addressed and completed to the highest standards.

Why Choose Koala Exteriors?

Benefits of Working with a James Hardie Preferred Contractor

1. Reputation for Excellence

Koala Exteriors is one of Colorado’s highest-rated full-service exterior repair companies. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

2. Comprehensive Services

We handle all your storm damage restoration needs in Denver. With Koala Exteriors, you won’t have to find multiple contractors to complete your restoration projects. From roofing and siding to windows and doors, we’ve got you covered.

3. Exceptional Customer Care

We guide you through the entire restoration process, from your initial consultation to the insurance claim process, with exceptional communication and kindness. We are your advocate, ensuring you receive the proper compensation from your insurance company.

4. Expertise in Insurance Claims

Navigating the insurance claims process can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. At Koala Exteriors, we use our expertise to inform you about the process and can even meet with your insurance adjuster on your behalf to ensure that all necessary materials and labor are considered. We also have relationships with public adjusters should you need help supplementing your insurance claim or feel that more should be covered under your policy than is initially offered in your estimate.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Understanding what your insurance covers is crucial when filing a claim. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover “acts of god,” which include storm-related damages but exclude wear-and-tear or lack of maintenance. We can help you determine what damage has occurred and assist with documentation to provide when filing the claim to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Reasons Why We Supplement Coverage

  • Missed Damages: Insurance adjusters may overlook certain damages or secondary issues caused by primary damage such as leaking windows resulting from hail-damaged flashing. Our team does a thorough inspection to address all areas of concern.
  • Proper Compensation: Our thorough inspections help you fully document your claim including necessary peripheral work like removing and replacing trim during siding repairs and required code upgrades which may be covered under your policy.

The Difference Between RCV and ACV Insurance Coverage

When you purchase property insurance (or file a claim), you’ll need to understand two different types of coverage: Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Replacement Cost Value (RCV). It’s important to understand which type of coverage you have as it affects how much of the repair costs your insurer will cover.

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV): ACV covers the current value of an item, factoring in depreciation. For example, if your siding is 10 years old and gets damaged, the insurer pays based on its depreciated value.
  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV): RCV covers the total cost of replacing an item without factoring in depreciation. This coverage is more expensive but provides better financial protection.
  • Depreciation: Even policies with RCV coverage may not pay RCV value until the work is completed. Many policies will pay out the ACV value (less deductible) and will not release the difference (usually called depreciation) until you submit proof of replacement. After completing your repairs, we provide the proof of work needed to get the remaining depreciation.

Types of Home Insurance Deductibles

There are three main types of home insurance deductibles:

  1. Dollar Amount Deductible: You pay a specific amount before your insurer covers the rest.
  2. Percentage-Based Deductible: Your deductible is a percentage of your policy’s total coverage amount.
  3. Split Deductible: A combination of the two, where a dollar amount applies to most claims but a percentage can be applied to certain events like hurricanes or earthquakes.

Let’s Get Your House on The Road to Recovery

If you’re looking for quality storm damage restoration in Denver, Koala Exteriors is here to help. We provide expert exterior renovations and are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our services. With our professional team, you can find the peace of mind you deserve and ensure your home is protected against future storms.

At Koala Exteriors, we “think like water” to protect your home from the elements, providing top-tier roofing and exterior services. Let us bring your vision to life and restore your home to its best condition. 

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