Frequently Asked Questions About Wood Siding Repair in Colorado

Have you noticed damage to your home’s wood siding? Don’t worry, damage is bound to happen at some point requiring repairs. Learn more about wood siding repair in Denver with these frequent questions.

How do you fix wood siding?

Wood siding is installed by overlapping hardboards from the foundation to the roof. Wood siding repair in Colorado, such as replacing damaged boards, can be performed without having to commit an entirely new siding installation.

Can you patch rotted wood siding?

Once wood siding starts to rot, there’s no reversing the damage. If you have wood siding on your home, it’s vital to maintain and pay attention to its condition. Storms make siding near the foundation of your home particularly vulnerable to water damage and rot. The first sign of rot is the finish flaking off of the hardboard. After that, each exposure to moisture will cause the wood boards to soak up more water and the rot will spread. The good news is that wood siding repair in Denver is a fairly straightforward process. Your siding contractor will identify the damaged or rotten boards and carefully cut them out of the siding installation, and then replace that section with a new board. Wood siding is an incredibly affordable material, so many homeowners will opt for a complete siding replacement instead of repairs when they start to notice any damage. This ensures that the entire home is protected with a new layer of siding for years to come.

Can you replace one piece of siding?

The idea of replacing all of your siding can be overwhelming, Luckily, we can focus on one piece or section with our wood siding repair for Colorado homes, instead of having to perform a full replacement. Our team will cut out the damaged area, patch any holes, and fill dents. This will help cut down the cost while restoring your siding, though there are some factors to consider when deciding between wood siding repairs in Denver or replacement. The biggest one is age. No siding lasts forever and if your wood siding is a few decades old it’s better to replace than constantly repair. If you’re unsure what your home needs, contact Koala Exteriors to go through your options.

How Do I Find Wood Siding Repair Near Me?

Now that you know a little more about repairing wood siding, the next step is to find a contractor. Instead of going with the first company they find, homeowners should ask themselves “how do I know this is the best wood siding repair near me?” At Koala Exteriors, three main principals guide our team: educate, evaluate, and inspire. We believe educating you on all the siding options and a thorough evaluation lets you make the best decision for your home. Finally, our main goal is to inspire homeowners with our work and give them an exterior to be proud of.



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